When importing data into an organisation, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that the incoming data is validated as good as possible, in order to avoid hick-ups later on.
It is not just the syntax to be checked, e.g. a valid date in a date field, but also logically, which might include checking that an expiration date is not before the creation date.

Another benefit of finding the errors when reading the input data, is that it is the most logical way to contact the person who sent the data, as it at this moment is still "isolated" (not entered into a database or whatever). We will therefore avoid problems later on.

For these reasons, a Validator Windows DLL has been developped. This DLL takes one record at a time, dissects it into fields, validates the data according to you specification, puts the record together again (probably in a different format), and delivers it to IMW again.

The "problem" with IMW is however that it supports only 1 record in - 1 record out.
This implies, that the DLL must be able to do some intelligent things itself, like table lookups, compare dates, write an error list or whatever.
The DLL is written in Delphi, but the user sees RPG/II look-alikes screens. This language has been very popular on IBM mainframes, so large corporations might still have some RPG-buffs left.

The Validator is also available in a stand-alone version, which circumvents IMW.

Note : the present version is written in TPW 1.50. It will therefore probably need to be rewritten in a more recent language like Delphi.